Framework for the Next Generation (Interlocked)

A children's version of the Bible Framework has been developed!

Charles Clough has worked wtih a talented couple from Singapore to create a version of the Bible Framework for families with teenagers and for other small groups. The complete 56-lesson course is available at: – English version – Spanish version – German version

Interlocked is a Bible study integrating the Genesis-to-Revelation narrative, doctrine, and apologetics for believers to live as thriving disciples of Christ.

Throughout the year they offer online Zoom classes taking you through Interlocked.


Amos and Jen are now developing a version for younger children (ages 10–12, or even as young as 7). Some of the first module materials are now available, with more to come soon. – Younger children version


“Come and See” materials/classes now available online

Come and See is a twelve-session exploration of the message of the Bible. This short course first examines what the Bible is, then looks at its contents to introduce the God of the Bible and share His explanation of the meaning and purpose of mankind and life. The study provides God’s commentary on the history of the world, what is happening now and what will happen in the future.

Come and See is for those who are interested to explore what the Bible has to say about who God is—His revelation and His claims about Himself. It is for those who want to find out more about Christianity.