Audio Bible Lessons

Thank you for your interest in further Bible studies. Bible Framework Ministries is in the process of reviewing and editing earlier courses taught by Charles Clough. Many of these lessons are on old cassette tapes or old reel-to-reel. It is a very labor-intensive process converting to a digital format and many lessons are not suitable quality for publication. If there is a particular series that you may be interested in please send us a message or contact the ministry via e-mail at .

Currently we have the following series available for listening online or downloading to your computer/electronic device:

Special study by Brooks Shertzer:

Video/Audio Lessons

Charles Clough has taught these classes at churches with video-recording capability:

Charles Clough was also one of the featured speakers at recent seminars at Chafer Theological Seminary:

Memorial Service

Charles Clough and Robert Dean were the officiants at the memorial service for Dr. George Meisinger, Chancellor of Chafer Seminary